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The Power of 10

Free mini-programme
(a simple foundation for Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle!)


Try the 10 day Challenge ...

You'll be amazed at how this 10 day mini-programme kick starts positive change to your eating and lifestyle habits.  Absolutely no calorie counting - this is another topic where 'one size doesn't fit all'!

For 10 days, as much as you possibly can, avoid ultra processed foods, refined sugar, vegetable and seed oils and work on 75% of your food being based on whole plant foods  (not just extracts of) and include 10 different types of these each day  (more about this in the programme).   Give your body systems a 'rest and recharge' by eating within a 10 hour window and enhance the results with simple, 10 minute sessions of movement and mindfulness each day. 

Give this mini-programme a try - it's free - so there's nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Sign up to receive the mini-programme e-book totally free of charge and select the images below for more information.

Click here to download The Power of 10 ebook

The Power of 10 Meal Plans and Recipes Cover Page Final .jpg

The Power of 10
Daily Meal Plans & Recipes

If you'd like to try this ten day mini-programme but need inspiration or ideas for daily meal planning and recipes then get a copy of this fully illustrated 45 page ebook providing   meal plans and recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day.  It's full of hints and tips, plus helpful nutrition notes, to support your best success on the

The Power of 10 programme.



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